Blue Canyon Gang ~ Gunslingers

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Blue Canyon Gang ~ Gunslingers


The BLUE CANYON GANG Western Action Drama Group is made up of skilled gunslingers who wish to preserve the memory of the old wild west.  The leader of the BLUE CANYON GANG is THE TONOPAH KIDD. You don't want to cross him in any way shape or form since that would get you an appointment with him and it won't be to drink some whisky but rather to have a good old fashioned gunfight!! His son "Junior" is usually hanging around like his shadow so that's another one you don't want to cross.

Look through our site and see the rest of the Blue Canyon Gang Western Action Drama Gunfighters. The fellas are just as ornery, cantankerous but as skillful in a gunfight as can be. All performances by the gunfighters and gamblers are choreographed with emphasis on safety for members and spectators.

The gals are all sweet as candy but they all tote a pistol or a shotgun and can shoot their mark quite accurately  .......... sometimes where they aimed !  YEE HAAA ! !

In  keeping with our attention to detail and authenticity, our themed performances include the use of western period attire and genuine weapons with blank ammunition as well as theatre quality props.


The BLUE CANYON GANG Old West Drama Group performs high quality, professional entertainment for conventions, festivals, fairs, parties, rodeos, meetings, conferences, special events ~ you name it! (Because we own our period costumes we are ready to dress up any event in any capacity you see fit.)

Wherever the event or occasion calls for colorful fast paced fun, the BLUE CANYON GANG reenactors are the best for professional, honest, hilarious, authentic shoot-outs, period game gambling and fortune telling entertainment. Journey back to a time in the old wild and wooley west when laughs fly like bullets and fun is the law of the land!

The Blue Canyon Gang gunslingers perform a variety of  scripted wild west comedy skits.  Scripts can be customized to fit your event and needs. When requested, skits can end without gunfire. We offer individual wild west acts or custom packages including our own portable jailhouse to raise "bail" for your fundraising event.

Former clients include the Sacramento Convention & Visitors' Bureau  *  Wells Fargo Bank  *  Old Sacramento Merchants Association  *  Williams California Chamber of Commerce  *  Dixon California Chamber of Commerce Western Days  *  Folsom California Merchants Association  *  Upper Lake California Wild West Day  *  Tonopah Nevada Chamber of Commerce  *  Virginia City Camel Races  *  Goldfield Nevada Great Certs Payoff  *  Deno Paoli Films  *  Burbank Studios  *  California State Fair  *  Old Sacramento State Historical Park  *  Sacramento Gold Rush Days  *  California Horse Association  *  United Way  *  Sacramento Bee  *  California Pro Rodeo River City Round Up  *  Lodi Adopt-a-Child Festival  *  City of Galt and numerous others.  In addition to being members of the American Frontier Reenactment Guild, the group is fully insured and is incorporated as a California non-profit entity.

This year, 2020, the Blue Canyon Gang celebrates our 48th year of reenacting and performing in the Sacramento area.  We look forward to continuing our tradition of bringing the West alive for Sacramento area's residents and visitors. 


               Just ask ~ we just might be in your future's past!


To meet all the Gang members, visit the BCG Member Page


To hire us, call W.W. Lawson (we call him Jay for short) at 209-368-9814

Look us up on Facebook too!

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