More About Madame Edwinna

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Edwinna and her husband, Gunther, imigrated from a small European province with hopes of finding a better life in a new country.  Stories of abundant riches in California prompted them to join a west-bound wagon train, convinced that their lives would soon change for the better.   Shortly after crossing the Platte river in Nebraska, Gunther was killed in a hunting mishap.

As an unaccompanied woman, Edwinna needed to find a replacement husband in a hurry and accepted a marriage offer from an odd fellow called Jasper.  They met in Nevada when he was refused a place in the wagon train as a single male traveler.  Once sober, he was quick to trade Edwinna for a horse to a band of Indians and took off.  As he rode away, he was heard muttering, “at least the horse won’t say “No”.  Two weeks later, weary of Edwinna’s disagreeable temperament, the wornout Indians caught up with the wagon train and traded her back.

Once in Sacramento City, Edwinna found gainful employment entertaining miners at the gaming tables in the Roundtent Saloon.  One day while attending to a business matter for the saloon at the Express Office, the BLUE CANYON GANG came in and robbed it, riding off with Edwinna as a hostage.  Once she recognized Jasper as a GANG  member, she refused to be rescued and they’ve been stuck with her ever since.