More About Maw

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Maw doesn’t have a last name, she’s always been just plain “Maw” to the Gang.  However, some folks say they remember her being called “Dottie” at one time or another.

Before joining up with the BCG, Maw worked as an undercover agent for Wells Fargo.  She rode the stage between towns posing as a passenger and in the event of a robbery, she studied and memorized details of the holdup.  Many a ruthless robber has been captured due to Maw’s uncanny ability to remember and recognize voices, mannerisms and the eyes behind the mask.  Who would ever suspect this sweet petite little old lady ?  (The reward money also helped finance shopping trips in all those towns on the stage route !)

One day on a trip to Sonora, the BCG held up the stage and robbed the passengers.  Maw was captivated by the well-bred, courteous, refined manner displayed by one particular robber as he pursued acquiring her valuables.  The moment Maw gazed into the eyes of Le Roi, her heart pitter-pattered prompting her to ask: "Who is this masked man?" and she crossed to the other side of the law forever as they rode off into the sunset together.


Maw enjoys knitting socks and sweaters for the Gang and has also been seen knitting pocket puppet dolls for the children.  When she runs out of things to knit, she picks pockets to keep her fingers loose and nimble.  Better go fetch the Sheriff fast if you spot her, there's a big reward for this knittin' pocket puppet pocket picker !!