More About Miss Cherie

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Miss Cherie, aka: “Fingers”, was a known safecracker.  She often sold her skills to various gangs in the Tombstone and Tucson areas, until one terrible night when the Federal Marshals caught her in the act and shot her in the left ankle, leaving her semi-hobbled for life.


After that night, she gave up safecracking and decided to head to California to  try her luck at the gaming tables in Sacramento City.  She met up with the BLUE CANYON GANG and W.W. Lawson.  He was notorious for his various skills as a Gunsmith, Miner, Lawyer, Gold Assayer and if times were tough, Outlaw.


They have been together ever since.  Miss Cherie can be found riding the rails with the Gang and hoping to bilk a few unsuspecting travelers out of their fortunes.