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Charles Gill, Jr.

July 15, 1946 - June 25, 2009

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Charlie was a Jamestown, CA resident since 1999 and a well known area reenactor. He and the group "Legends of the American West", kept California gold country visitors entertained and he was one of the best stagecoach robbers at Columbia State Historic Park. Approaching passengers, he would say "Wanna see me draw m' gun?" and to the delight of everyone, he would whip out a pencil and draw a not-so-terrible likeness of his pistol. Visitors and tourists loved him and he loved performing for them. Some have even said he was born in the wrong century.

teaching others how to deal & play 19th century gambling games and offering advice on the details of period accuracy.

In addition to his reenacting work, he performed at the Palace Showboat dinner theater in Stockton and the Sierra Repertory Theater in Sonora.

As an honorary member of the Blue Canyon Gang, he would often be seen shooting with us in Old Sacramento. Besides acting, other interests included golf, tennis and restoration of a 1934 Ford pick-up.

In the 1970s and into the 1980s, he was the owner of a western themed restaurant and bar in Santa Cruz. He retired from Caltrans and until his death, he worked as a drug and alcohol counselor at Kings View Community Services.

He attended Sierra Bible Church in Sonora and was an educated man, having earned a Masters Degree in Theology. Charlie lived his life with purpose and concern for others.  He was a great friend, we miss him.


He had a great assortment of period identities with clothing to complete the characters. As a tireless mentor to aspiring performers, he shared his reenacting skills and knowledge,




Front: the Tonopah Kid

Back Row: L to R:  W.W. Lawson, a former BCG member and Charlie


Dorothy Carol Picanco (alias"Maw")

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