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My maw was a sportin' gal in OgeUalala. Once when she was sober, she tolt me my paw was the famous outlaw, THE TONAPAH KIDD. After gradyating from the 3rd grade when I was 15, I joined up on a cattle drive headed west, lookin' for my paw. Maw gave me a five dollar gold piece and a slap in the face. "The slap is for your paw ifin' you ever find him", she said. The trail boss said I coulda' been a top hand ifin' I liked to work but all I liked to work on was gun play. I was fast with my pistol and poison mean.  I drawed my wages in Abeline and lit a schuck for Texas. I found my paw in Nacadoceous passed out on a saloon floor. He busted my jaw for helping him up, so's I shot off just a tiny piece of his left ear. He was so impressed with my aim he said, a That-therin' was no way anybody can shoot like that could be the son of a banker, you're my boy". From that day on my name was Junior.