Gold Rush Days

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Gold Rush Days is an annual event held during Labor Day weekend in the historic district of downtown Sacramento, known as 'Old Sacramento'.  More than 200 tons of dirt (actually decomposed granite) are used to cover the streets which are then closed to motorized traffic, allowing access only to horses, wagons and pedestrians.  Further efforts to transform this historic National Landmark and 28-acre State Park into a scene from the 1850s include, covering modern parking meters & traffic signs with burlap bags and American flags as well as distributing hundreds of hay bales for use as spectator seating and strategically placing them to cover painted curbs.  When you hear the "clink" of spurs on a cowboy's boots as he walks by on the wooden boardwalk, you think you've stepped back in time.

Costumed volunteers, musicians and reenactors complete the illusion, recreating common everyday scenes from the early Gold Rush period.   For added entertainment, western characters perform shootouts and interact with the crowds in colorful street dramas.

The Blue Canyon Gang has enjoyed entertaining Sacramento residents and visitors  since 1972.  To view photos of the BCG from previous Gold Rush Days, click on a picture below to enter an album.


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