Gold Rush Days 2005

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The 7th annual Gold Rush Days


Looks like trouble is starting

Gunfight at the not-OK corral

O'Henry Hawk

Judge Bought and the Tonopah Kidd try to see what the fuss is all about

Jasper discusses the situation

Lets see what all the commotion is about

Now I already told you to git back !

Looks like Uncle Deke is having a bad day

Do you recognize this man ?

Trust me, I would never lie to you !

You missed your chance, too late !

Lefty gets ready to draw

Lefty shoots back

Junior fires a warning shot

There's a price on his head now

The gang huddles

Senora Rosita is on a mission

Miss Jenny Mimmer

The shotgun widows

Captain Jack draws and fires

Things have settled down again

Tonopah struggles to get off a last shot

The streets are quiet again