History of the BCG

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How the Blue Canyon Gang was born


The Tonopah Kidd, John Queirolo, Robert Hayes, Ron Johnson, Bill Taylor, Jerry Rushing, Mike Hiestand, Craig Pack, Mike Samaritano, Mike Casha, Ken Fontaine, Blaise Vanderlinden, Eldridge Frodge and a few years later, Uncle Deke, came together and named their group after a well-known Sierra Canyon.

The Blue Canyon Gang has haunted the streets of Old Sacramento since 1972 when these 13 western history buffs banded together and decided to revive the Old West, re-enacting scenarios of more than 150 years ago. They decided that it was important to educate the public on how it was back then (with a sprinkling of humor) observing every safety rule possible to keep things safe for the spectators.

The Gang members have changed over the years but two original members: the Tonopah Kidd and Uncle Deke, have remained to this day.



 The BCG in 1981 in Old Sacramento

The Tonapah Kidd - 2nd row, 3rd from left, standing, wearing black widebrimmed hat

Uncle Deke - 1st row, 2nd from left, kneeling